Help – my nest is emptying!

What a shock it is to realize that my little chickies will soon be flying the coop.  Okay, I suppose I’ve always known it would happen – but this soon?

After 17 years of living my life vicariously through three other people, I suddenly find myself challenged with the need for an autonomous existence – for a persona other than “Mother”.  As a sidenote here – I agonized over whether to call myself “Mum”, which is what I am, or “Mom” which is the prevailing moniker here in Canada.  I still haven’t managed to convince my children’s teachers that Mom is correctly spelled with a ‘u’, and frankly we’re all a little confused.

Anyway, I still have time – my oldest is 17 and currently planning just how far away from here she can get the second she graduates in June.  My sons are 15 and 12, so I have received the rude awakening in time to come up with something before the youngest leaves school (unless, of course his teachers suddenly recognize the genius he has been claiming since kindergarten, and skip him ahead 3 grades).

It’s going to be a bit of a makeover, but I’m on a mission to convert myself into a fascinating person with varied interests, no end of sparkling repartee and a constant stream of brilliant plans none of which involve children.  I’m exhausted just thinking about it, so I think I’ll go and watch Family Channel while I think about it.


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