It’s Time to Let Go of Harassed and Bedraggled

I have a distant memory of this person who used to get up and don business suits and high heels every day.  She spent her days downtown, liaising, managing, co-ordinating and generally bustling around being productive.  Oh, that person was me!  Where on earth did she go?

Admittedly, I have kept my hand in running a freelance business.  Thank goodness, because if I tried to rejoin the workforce now I wouldn’t know where to start.  Technology has run rampant since those glorious days when I sat at the forefront with a Mac Classic on my desk.

One of my greatest challenges, though, is my own self-perception.  While I like to think that my clients see an efficient, confident supplier of awesome business writing, whose reproductive history is somewhat irrelevant, she’s really just a shiny shell concealing the harassed, bedraggled creature that my children like to keep at their beck and call.

I need to convince myself that I am a business owner who has children, rather than a Mum who runs a small business.  Sounds simple, and yet I am a slave to my life’s distractions; and there are so many distractions to choose from.

I woke up the other day full of excellent intentions – start the day with hot yoga, straight to a meeting of my business mastermind group, a few hours in the office and my running clinic in the evening.  Wow, just looking at that schedule makes me feel all Oprah meets Martha Stewart!

Then a double take at the clock confirmed that it wasn’t an optical illusion –  I really was running 40 minutes late.  After 20 mad scrambling minutes I actually got one off to school on time – not bad, considering.   My oldest, however was in crisis; she’s a teenager, and a drama kid.  Her friends are all teenagers and drama kids.  You can only imagine how much excitement that makes for!  My second was sick.

So, I missed hot yoga getting #1 to school and I missed the mastermind meeting getting #2 to the doctor.  By then of course any remnant of that competent executive-type had run screaming from the building and I was just left with ‘harassed and bedraggled’.

Still, the crisis and the cough were survived.  So, my day was not all for naught.


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