Do Redheads Have More Fun?

Anyone who runs a business knows that sometimes you will get a client who is just plain nasty.  You know the type – they don’t know what they want, and yet they expect you to.  Everything you do is wrong, despite the fact that it’s obviously brilliant and they’re jolly lucky to have you working for them.  And no matter how hard you work for them they are uncooperative and ungrateful (I would say ‘mean’, only I’m too mature and professional for that).

Fortunately I haven’t had much of that, but I did have one the other day.  Trying to give him the benefit of the doubt I have decided that he is obviously psychotic and dealing with multiple personal issues – I really ought to feel sympathetic rather than offended.

Anyway, to get to the point, when I got off the phone I decided to cheer myself up by adding a splash of colour to my life.  The perfect time to dust off that semi-permanent hair dye I’ve had under my bathroom sink for goodness knows how long.  In full “I am woman, hear me roar” mode, I decided to abandon my usual namby pamby self and leave it on for the maximum time; after all, semi-permanents only last a couple of weeks, so how bad could it be?

As I was towel drying my glorious head of bright purple locks I glanced at the box to realize that I had actually used permanent dye.  Now my usual reaction to such a disaster would be to collapse in a corner weeping and gnashing my teeth.  Strangely, I remained quite calm and even enjoyed a bit of a giggle (my daughter wants to know who I am, and where her mother is).

For the next few days I washed it over and over again until I resembled someone with a personal  hygiene fetish and it actually faded quite quickly to a bright, and only slightly pinkish, red.

Imagine my surprise when all sorts of people started telling me how well I look.  It may have been because I was unable to leave the house without three extra layers of make-up to avoid the picture of my fluorescent white face framed by a beacon of shining red.

Still, now I’m used to it, I really enjoy being a redhead.  I think I’ll keep it for a while.


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