Making my Heart Sing

So far, my most successful move toward creating a ‘life after children’ has been joining a choir.  It literally makes my heart sing.  I have even made the unprecedented move of press-ganging my husband into the chauffering to facilitate my attendance.  Yes, on a Thursday evening I don’t have to drive anyone but myself  – I can drive along singing to my heart’s content, completely free from the usual whining and complaining.

I managed to find an unauditioned choir which was very important, because it means I didn’t have to sing alone in front of anyone.  A cop out perhaps?  No doubt, and it has fuelled my secret fear that the beautiful noise I hear in my head might, from the outside, be an appalling caterwauling.  Every time the choir director wanders  near I find myself hanging my head and mumbling into my sweater just in case she discovers me for an imposter and hurls me from the building.  I imagine her trembling in righteous indignation, and pointing a horrified finger at the door, despite the fact that she’s adorably cute and I’ve never actually seen her doing a lot of hurling.  Well, you never know, do you?

One thing I have discovered is that the louder those around me sing, the better my own voice sounds (again inside my head).  It’s wonderful, because when we get to those really loud bits (I haven’t quite mastered the vernacular yet) I can honestly believe that I am singing like an angel!

So, Christmas is coming and I’m preparing to force my entire family to attend my concert – a glorious payback for all the stuff I’ve had to sit through over the last decade and a half.  Ha ha(evil laugh)!


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