In Search of Mrs Von Trapp

My choir is having a talent show, and much as I quietly dream of wowing everyone with a brilliant rendition of some musical treat, it is a sad truth that I would never actually have the nerve to get up and sing on my own.

However, it just so happened that I was invited to be part of an ensemble of about 9 singers that someone was trying to put together.  After automatically rejecting the idea, I did an about turn and thought to myself ‘yes, I should jolly well step outside my comfort zone and give this a go’.  After all, there’s safety in numbers.

Well, the number turned out to be 3, which wasn’t quite what we were hoping for, but we soldiered on, chose a song and acquired the sheet music.

We had fun getting together at each others’ houses and practicing, but sadly, it all ended in tragedy.  The song we had chosen was so fast that we could only get the words out in a garbled mess, and … there’s no really good way to say this … we sucked.  We recorded ourselves, and it did indeed sound truly awful.  The melody was fine, but we managed to make the harmony sound like a bobcat caught in a bandsaw.

And so there ends my dream of stardom.  Back to mumbling along at the back of the section and trying not to draw attention to the noise I’m making.


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