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I’m starting to see a little bit of light at the end of the “Volunteer Mum” tunnel.

With three children I have felt like something of a slave to schools, teams and activities; all expecting their pound of flesh to supplement those astronomical fees.

But times are changing.  With #1 graduated and #2 working in his spare time I am pretty much down to one child still in need of the volunteer parent.

Usually that translates to the odd field trip, or some fundraising at the gym, but this weekend it meant hours on end hanging around a gymnastics meet selling raffle tickets.

Not by choice, you understand.  More because I was seriously delinquent on my volunteer commitment and in grave danger of having a huge fine added to my visa card in June.  Who knew that when they give you that monstrous parent handbook at the beginning of the year you’re actually supposed to read it?  If I had I would have noticed that the gym had reverted to the volunteer commitment system after a few years of optional fundraising.  At least I realized in time to address the situation.

It certainly wasn’t a demanding task but it didn’t feel like an especially productive use of my time.  Except that the fine equates to about $25 an hour which isn’t a bad rate for sitting on a chair explaining how a raffle works.

What a shame I didn’t actually have a child competing.


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