What’s in a Name?

When I started this blog I made a conscious decision not to use names, for the sake of anonymity.  As it turns out no amount of cajoling or begging will persuade anyone I know to read it, but I still like the thought that I can be rude about people without fear of repercussions.

Still, as much as I rationalize I’m finding it quite unwieldy having to introduce everyone by their role in the story, rather than by name.  So I have come up with the ingenious ideas of using aliases.  Wow – brilliant, right?  I bet the publishing industry wishes it had thought of that.

I have decided that the two boys will henceforth be known as Sunny Jim (the 16-year old) and Hoss (the 13-year old).  Those are the two nicknames which, inexplicably, my father gave to my two brothers when we were growing up.  My daughter will be known as Roxy because it’s a name that is dear to her heart; when she was about 8 she was frustrated that her given name was too unusual and none of her classmates ever had the same name.  Roxanne, apparently, presented itself as a simpler, more conventional alternative.

I hope I remember to use them next time I’m writing about the children.  It could go sideways – realistically, I find it hard enough to keep track of their real names, without having to cope with three more.


One thought on “What’s in a Name?

  1. Aliases. What a brilliant concept. And if you change their appearance besides, you can say whatever you want about them.

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