Time-Travelling Back to My Youth

Drat … after four days of being the birthday girl it’s all over and I stopped being special.

It took 50 years to get here, and if it’s downhill all the way from here I’m okay with that.  I’m too tired to be struggling uphill anyway.

You may be surprised to hear that August is not the best month to be having a birthday celebration – lots of people were away, though it boggles my mind why anyone would have chosen to miss my party in favour of room service; sun, sand and sea; a quiet spot away from cellphone coverage; or mojitos on demand.  Okay, I’m starting to see the flaw in that train of thought.

Having said that the party was just the right size – we saw lots of people we haven’t seen for a long time, and actually got to have a proper chat with most of them.  I usually find that being the hostess, flitting round cheerily making sure that everyone has a drink and someone to talk to can be strangely unsatisfying.  You see everyone, and connect with no-one.

This time we got to catch up with all those people we only ever see at special events.  It used to be weddings, but it’s trending distressingly towards funerals.  Soon, I suppose, we’ll be back to weddings as our children start to tie the knot.

A Doctor Who cake – complete with sonic screwdriver, dalek, cyberman and even a rift in the space time continuum!

Anyway, the highlight of the party was undoubtedly the cake … best cake ever!  Is it possible that I am the only 50-year old ever to have a Doctor Who cake?

It sounds like it took quite a bit of co-ordination, explanation and emailing of photos to get a Canadian cake-maker to create Doctor Who decorations – and let’s not even wonder what she thought of the fact that it was for an adult.

To the uninitiated it may appear to have a crack in the icing, but clearly that is a cleverly crafted rift in the space-time continuum.  Fortunately nothing scary sneaked through before we cut into it.

I think we can now say unequivocally that I have sacrificed any right I may have had to assume the occasional air of dignity or maturity.

Now, having blazed the trail for my toy-boy husband (he’s not 50 until March), and most of our friends, I can sit back and get on with the day to day business of just being me again.


2 thoughts on “Time-Travelling Back to My Youth

  1. Happy belated 50th and it will please you to know that 50 is the new 40.. See, just that quick you are 10 yrs younger.. (I’ll be 52 in a few days so you are just a baby) 🙂

    love the cake!

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