Be Awesome, My Darling

Well, the first fledgeling has flown, and it turns out that even a year and a half of preparation didn’t really make it any easier.

Here she is frolicking off to her new life in the beautiful city of Vancouver.

After driving for 12 hours, we spent two days sightseeing and shopping – which consisted of buying her anything that might alleviate the pain of leaving.  We ate hot dogs piled with toppings like seaweed; we bought seafood and wandered around harbourside markets, and we generally pretended that at the end of two days we were all going to pile into the car and go home together.

She has a room in the basement suite of a house nestled in the most beautiful wooded community, just a short walk from her university.  She shares with two other girls in the same program, and although we only met one, they clicked instantly and could have been friends forever.

Despite the tears, I know she will be happy, and it will be good for her to be back in her world of theatre kids and performing.

It was lovely to get back home to the boys, and they noticeably spoiled their pathetic, tear-stained Mum.

So, now what?  It feels like I didn’t make any progress in my empty nesting project – mostly because, with Roxy taking a year off between high school and university we spent a huge amount of time together.

But, truly, the groundwork is done.  And before I forge into the week ahead I want to make myself some promises:

  • Work!  Yes, I am the queen of the great excuse.  My big plans for my business are eternally foiled by irresistible attractions like laundry, dishes and the teapot.   In an effort to minimize my susceptibility to distractions, I am going to be working at an office out of the house.  No more pottering off to put on another load, or fuss the dog … just a long to-do list and the time and space to focus on making some money.
    So, I promise to go into the office four days a week, while the boys are in school.
  • Decorate!  There’s nothing like painting to fill the days, and rather than sitting around on my own while hubby’s off for weekends at his tree farm, and the boys are out chilling with their peeps, I am going to redecorate the entire house.
    So, I promise to spend my evenings prepping and my weekends painting.
  • Sing!  Choir is about to start up again – yay!  And I’m even considering voice lessons … not for any reasons of ambition, just because.
    So, I promise not to let anyone make demands of me on a Thursday evening, because I am unavailable.
  • Read!  Okay, I do a lot of that already, but now I have joined a book discussion group and have a wonderful vision of comfortable afternoons spent discussing literature over a latte.
    So, one Sunday a month, they can all do without me.
  • Write!  It has been so much fun meeting other writers online, through this blog, and now a friend and I are going to get together for regular writing and critiquing sessions.
    So, I promise to cultivate the company of other people who like to write.
  • Socialize!  No more sitting around alone desperately hoping someone else will come home.  Yes, I can be a little needy, but the sad truth is that the boys have better things to do than hang with their old Mum (probably a good thing!).
    So, it’s time to get back to the promise I made at the beginning of this project and actually get out more with my girlfriends.

Oh, and finally, I’m going to stop comfort eating any day now.  Any day!


2 thoughts on “Be Awesome, My Darling

  1. Oh Mom.. I’m proud of you ( and feeling your heavy heart too)..I rememeber the day my eldest left, it was tough.. BUT, she is happy, educated, adjusted and guess what, I survived.. Sounds like you have some awesome plans.. Life is looking good!!!

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