Just Living My Passion

Yay!  Choir has started again.  Thursday’s once again have meaning and my voice is raised happily in song.

Now it so happens that I just read The Passion Test, and it turns out that we owe it to ourselves to make our living from the things that make us happy.  If I understand it right, the things that excite us are usually the things that we’re good at.

Awesome!  I mean singing in the shower is one of my favourite pastimes, and singing with my choir has been one of the most exciting additions to my schedule in years.

Who knew it could be that easy?  I am clearly destined for a fulfilling and lucrative future in music.

Now, if I have any slight misgivings they’re centred around the disconcerting notion that people might actually have to enjoy listening to my singing.  Is it a problem that my children run screaming from the room when I sing, or that I sound best when the people around me are singing loudest?

On reflection, maybe I should just content myself with my safe little spot in the middle of the soprano II section.  It’s a good place for me because when the part gets too complicated, or the soprano I’s are singing so loud that all I can hear in my head is the melody, I can just mouth the words and no-one is any the wiser.

Oh well, back to The Passion Test.


2 thoughts on “Just Living My Passion

  1. So far, I can’t make a living at the things I’m passionate about. That’s why they say, “Don’t quit your day job.” :o)

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