Keeping out the Riff Raff

Do fences always make good neighbours?

Not always … in fact when the guy next door to our previous house was arrested for trafficking in stolen goods we were frankly rather pleased to see him go.  He wasn’t a good neighbour.

But I digress.

We seemed to be getting along quite well with our current neighbour until he arbitrarily decided to put up a fence (of the structural variety) between our tiny front yards.

I mean I get it … he’s all immaculate beds and tightly clipped junipers while we’re all rambling roses and moss-covered crazy paving.  And my boys will run across his lawn, wantonly bending blades of grass and leaving a trail of teenager cooties in their wake.  I’d probably want to keep us out too if I was a passive aggressive neat freak.

So, his solution was to put up this little beauty.

Now truthfully, I’ve been pretty chill about the whole thing.  It didn’t bother me particularly that he put up a structure that affects us as much as him without so much as even a heads up.

I was not overly concerned about the fact that he has left us with a  triangle of grass between our tree and the front sidewalk which will be impossible to maintain.

Does anyone have a teeny tiny triangular lawnmower I can buy?

No, I’ve stood up for him amid a sea of ridicule and bemusement.

Until he botched it by filling the post holes with cement to a level slightly above ground level; on his side and ours.

Now is it only obvious to me, with my incredible landscaping expertise gained via osmosis from being married to a landscaper, that the cement in the post holes should end a few inches beneath ground level so that they can be topped up with soil, hiding the unsightly shorings?

Or is it possible that such an insight might be considered common sense accessible to anyone willing to think about it for 3 seconds?

Not to worry, though as he has disguised his blunder with a skiff of dirt on our side of the fence.  It’s a wonder we ever even spotted it.

Realistically our only option now is to take out that little triangle of grass and either pave it or put in a bed.

My vote goes for a bed, and I’m thinking that either Bishop’s Goutweed or Lily of the Valley would be a wonderful addition to that little spot.


One thought on “Keeping out the Riff Raff

  1. We had a neighbor like that–immaculate, but nice. He didn’t put up a fence. Instead he mowed and fertilized our tiny strip next to the property line.

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