A Musical Triumph

Singing with my choir brings a series of triumphs that warm my soul.  And happily for me the magnitude of the triumphs is inversely proportional to the amount I know about music.

This week I’m happy to report I had to spend hardly any time mouthing the words.

Typically we go round, practicing the parts individually – soprano ones, soprano twos, alto ones and then alto twos.  Awesome, I think to myself, I have this down, no problem.  Until the soprano ones start singing next to me, with their loud, high voices and their melody.  Suddenly the harmony I thought I had mastered becomes a distant memory, replaced in my head by a flat, discordant droning.  And that’s why I spend a good deal of time mouthing the words for the sake of all those around me.

Our choir director is a fabulous, sympathetic soul who records rehearsal tracks for each part individually.  As a soprano two I just have to go online and download all my parts and practice them at the top of my voice as I drive around town.  After a while the soprano two harmonies start to feel so natural that I can sing through the melody without a second thought.  But, until the tracks go on the website I’m at the mercy of those noisy soprano ones.

So, it’s a cause for great celebration when I actually get the harmony and can sing out loud.  Yay me!

We also introduced a new song, a popular and well-known Christmas carol which only has one part for the soprano ones and twos – the melody.  So, when we were told to sight read for the first go through I was virtually note perfect.  It turns out sight reading is very easy when you already know the tune … who knew!

What a great feeling!  Even when the triumphs are pitifully minor, I’ll take them when I can get them.


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