Comfort Food and Raunchy TV

Ah, the life of the landscaper’s wife – another Saturday night home with no-one but the dog for company.

Hubby’s out of town, as usual, doing his thing at his tree farm (Shame on you … I didn’t mean ‘doing‘ his ‘thing‘, I meant pruning or something).  The children are all off doing whatever it is teenagers do on a Saturday night.

So, it’s me, fried chicken, chocolate and ‘The Secret Diaries of a Call Girl’. Thank goodness I didn’t start watching it with any of the children -it’s all Billie Piper (Rose from Doctor Who) cavorting around naked with a string of male clients and female co-workers.  She even slept with Matt Smith (the actual Doctor Who, but not Rose’s which is a good thing because that might have exploded my head).

I had to close the curtains in case the neighbours thought I was watching porn and either reported back to hubby or came to join in.

You forget how tame Canadian TV is until you watch something English.  And North Americans call us uptight!


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