Wheat-Free Weight Loss

I’ve given up wheat and I’m expecting to become lithe and slender any day now.

I got the idea from a book I saw recently in a bookstore (there’s a shocker – a book in a bookstore).  I didn’t read it, but I managed to get the gist from the title and the blurb on the back cover.  It turns out wheat is almost certainly the culprit responsible for my ever-expanding belly, and simply cutting it out of my diet will decrease my appetite and cause me to miraculously shed pounds.  Well, I’m game to give it a go!

It’s been going quite well, although it transpires that wheat is the primary ingredient in almost anything worth eating – bread, cakes, biscuits, bagels – the list goes on and on.  Thank goodness I still have chocolate, but not kit-kats.  I’m pretty certain that chocolate almonds, being both wheat free and full of essential fatty acids, are probably better than vegetables.

As I was slugging down Hubby’s vodka and orange this evening he laughingly warned me that it’s made with wheat.  Ha ha, I thought, you’re so hilariously witty.  Except he was right.  The brand I was drinking is apparently made only from the finest Swedish winter wheat.  Well clearly it doesn’t count once it’s distilled.


One thought on “Wheat-Free Weight Loss

  1. Haha.. yes, the distilling makes the wheat vanish (or we can say it does).. good Luck with your wheat-free existence!

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