Isn’t The Universe Supposed to Provide?

I’m feeling a little let down by the Universe right now.

I decided to have a nice cup of tea before choir, which seemed like a perfectly reasonable course of action.

The preparations went so smoothly … 3 Tetley tea bags in a pre-warmed pot, steeped in freshly boiled water; all kept at the perfect temperature beneath my “where there’s tea there’s hope” tea cosy.  Perfection just waiting for some 2% (semi-skimmed) milk and my favourite polka dotty cup.

But, oh no!  Horror of horrors, there was no milk in the fridge.  You can’t have a decent cup of tea without milk; the Tetley Tea Folk would be mortified!  To clarify, the Tetley Tea Folk are the little cartoon characters who make and advertise Tetley tea bags.  I’m sure they were feeling my pain all the way from Yorkshire.

Happily, we have a second fridge in the mud room which we primarily use to keep every condiment known to mankind, even though we only use ketchup, mustard and Daddy’s sauce.  But, and here’s the important part, we also use it to store the occasional spare jug of milk in order to avert crises just such as this one.

Well I’ve read ‘The Secret’.  I know how it works.  So, as I walked toward the fridge I visualized a new jug of milk.   I could see the milk sitting there on the shelf; feel the condensation on the handle; I could even taste the lovely cup of tea that milk was going to become part of.  I practiced gratitude and thanked the Universe for that milk.

It seemed foolproof, so what went wrong?  The milk wasn’t there, and all my dreams of the perfect cuppa were thwarted.

Am I missing something here?


6 thoughts on “Isn’t The Universe Supposed to Provide?

  1. I read that book a few years ago and am about 50/50 on if this holds any validity. I believe in positive thinking but am a bit of a skeptic regarding this book…Now about that milk..:-)

  2. Is that the same book I read? You know, the one where you keep visualizing money and then you suddenly start getting unexplainable and unexpected checks in the mail. Well….I’m still waiting for my windfall.

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