Anyone Got a Good Joke?

It’s really hard to comfort a homesick child when all you want to do is shriek “well come home then!”.

When they were growing up it seemed like such a good idea to teach them independence and a fascination with the world.  Then when they leave town you realize all the parenting books were horribly wrong.  What you should have been teaching them is to stay home, close to Mum so she doesn’t get lonely.

But, the damage is done, so now that Roxy is away at university in Vancouver, loving her classes but still desperately homesick, it’s my sorry lot to bite my lip and assure her that it will all pass soon enough.

She thinks she’s missing the boyfriend as much as she’s missing me, but clearly she’s deluded.  It’s probably some form of defensive projection.

So, to try and lighten her stress I’ve been texting jokes.

You see, part of our bond stems from the fact that we both think we’re hilariously funny.  While we gasp for breath with tears of hilarity rolling down our cheeks, more often than not we find ourselves surrounded by the bemused, humourless stares of those unfortunates who just don’t get the joke.  Clearly it’s a form of humour too sophisticated for the general public (although the general public assures us that is not the case).

Anyway, I thought texting jokes throughout the day would achieve a dual purpose.  Firstly it might arouse a chuckle, and secondly it might help her appreciate the fact that she’s not here.

It’s been fun, so if anyone has a good joke to share, don’t be shy … let’s have it.


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