Time for a Career Change?

Between hubby and I we have three separate businesses – aside, of course, from the business of raising three teenagers.

I earn a crust by writing marketing materials, and hubby is primarily a landscaper.  However it’s no secret that I’m somewhat freaked out by his second business which has mostly involved investing every penny we have into a tree farm that is now full of trees that must be sold before they get too large to transplant.  We probably have the only pension plan that’s no good if it gets too big.

You might think that the winter months, when this part of the world becomes a frozen, unlandscapeable wasteland, would provide the perfect opportunity for some active pre-selling of said trees, but unfortunately the curling on the television is more compelling.

Unfortunately once the curling ends, and the landscape season approaches, hubby will be running himself ragged dashing from home to the tree farm, 3 1/2 hours from home; trying to both sell landscaping and do landscaping.  There’s not much time left for selling trees.

So, I have devised a full-proof plan which involves hubby more or less abandoning the landscaping and selling trees full time.  I give up writing and become a landscape labourer, delivering and planting trees under the supervision of his more qualified assistant.

It seems like a plan which could work, and it might even save hubby from going crazy trying to run two seasonal businesses simultaneously.

I’m currently harbouring this idyllic vision of myself out in the sunshine, making the world a more beautiful place and getting skinny at the same time.  My enthusiasm may wain somewhat when the wind starts to howl and the rain starts to pour as it does here until about mid July when overnight it becomes cripplingly hot and arid.

I feel as though a career move is supposed to look like a promotion and I’m not sure that marketing consultant to landscape labourer fits the bill, but I’m finding the prospect quite exciting.


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