Will I live longer, or will it just feel like it?

For the most part I feel pretty good about the way I look after myself.  There’s certainly room for improvement but I eat whole grains and vegetables (when I have time between mouthfuls of chocolate), walk the dog every day and pop by the gym from time to time.

Not bad, I thought, but apparently my pharmacist would beg to differ.

I went in quite innocently to refill an ongoing prescription and when she asked if I would be okay to do a quick health assessment I thought “sure, why not?”.

I’ll tell you why not … I managed to fail every question, even though I was under the impression that there are no wrong answers and now the pharmacist has set me a bunch of goals all of which revolve around refraining from eating anything I might want to, and spending all day every day rushing around aerobically.

At the end of the session she cheerily announced that she would check in with me next time I go in to see how I’m getting on with my goals.  Great – now I can never go into the drugstore ever again!


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