My Toyboy is Turning 50

Today hubby finally lands on the big five-oh, a spot where I have already been sitting for a full 7 months.  Yes, I married a younger man; a toyboy if you will.

While he’s having his own issues around turning 50, I think it’s important to remember that this is much more stressful for me.  Yesterday, married to a man in his 40s, I was (the slightly older) half of a much younger couple.  Today we’re both firmly entrenched in our second half a century and I’m left wondering where the time went.  I demand a recount!

Hubby wanted a membership to the Bacon of the Month Club for his birthday.  Seriously?  Maybe thirty years ago!  At our age I feel such a gift might be construed as conspiracy to commit murder.  I’m not sure, but I think I may have laughed in his face, but either way I decided to opt for something safer.

So, how are we celebrating?  Well I’m taking him out to lunch (which at our age we are most of the time anyway), and then, once the boys get home from school he has us pencilled in for a full hour of birthday festivities before he goes curling.  Just enough time to eat some bacon laden snacks and open some non-bacon related gifts.

And then tomorrow we dig out the prunes and metameucil.


6 thoughts on “My Toyboy is Turning 50

  1. LOL! Happy b-day to your hubby. Mine had his big 5-0 last September and survived, but I think the bacon is a universal male thing. He’s resisting the prunes and Metamucil, too…

  2. Haha. Love your last line. At least you two are so close in age. My husband is four years older. In a few years I’ll be married to someone in his 40s! And then eventually to someone in his 50s! Even though it’s only four years, I’ll feel like my husband is such an old man!

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