A Crash Course in Defensive Driving

I wish my children would learn how to drive!

As an exemplary driver myself I’ve tried to set a good example.  I’ve tried to explain that even though their father laughs at me for driving like an old lady it’s actually called defensive driving and is probably the reason why I’ve never had a ticket (shall we count the tickets their father has had?  Oh, right … that would be too big a number for the human brain to comprehend).

The first lesson came earlier in the spring when Sunny Jim got driven into, as he turned left, by an oncoming vehicle running the now red light.  It wasn’t his fault, except that he should be smart enough to assume that everyone else on the road is going to be driving like a clueless moron (an assertion I stick to, and I’m not often disappointed).

Crashed car

Happily, this is not Sunny Jim’s car, but it’s an excellent  example of what happens when you trust anyone else on the road to behave like an even remotely intelligent/competent human being.

During the course of the summer, SJ bought himself a new car and Roxy got that car. As it’s now in the shop being fixed Roxy is driving my car, I’m driving hubby’s truck and hubby is driving one of the company trucks (it’s not a simple system but it seems to work).  All good so far, except that yesterday, while driving my car, Roxy rear-ended someone.

It really was the merest bump; no-one was hurt and you have to look very hard to find even a scratch on my bumber.  BUT seriously?  Does anyone else see the irony of the fact that she only crashed my car because I had lent it to her while the other crashed car was in the bodyshop?

I think there’s a lot to be said for raising the minimum driving age to 32 … except that I’d still be Mummy Chauffeur, so maybe that’s not such a great idea.


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