Mixed Messages

I Got The Message – So, What Exactly Does It Mean?

Sometimes the universe seems to send messages so clear that they shouldn’t be ignored.  That’s what I thought I was getting!

It all started in the spring when I decided to quit copywriting for the summer to help hubby with his landscaping/tree farming activities.  The decision was ostensibly altruistic as hubby needed the assistance of a trusty sidekick and who better to fill than the role than … well, me.  The real reason, however, was my frustration with copywriting and my profound belief that I have a higher purpose than writing people’s websites; one that I will discover eventually if I keep looking.  I really want to make the world a happier, more beautiful place, and touting the talents of real estate agents online doesn’t seem to be fitting the bill (not that I have anything against real estate agents per se, if you are one and you need the services of a brilliant copywriter, but you get the idea).Apples

So, with a light heart and high optimism I volunteered my services to horticulture.

But, within days I got asked to help with a huge writing project for the zoo.  The zoo!  One of my favourite places in the world and home to a million wonderful memories from when the children were little and we virtually lived there.

“A message from the universe”, my friend averred, and it did seem to be telling me that I shouldn’t give up copywriting after all.

UNTIL … (dah, dah, dah!), during the course of my research, I stumbled upon a page on their old site for the horticultural therapy certificate.

Yes – horticultural therapy is a thing, and it’s what I’m supposed to do!

That was the message!  A message confirmed when one of hubby’s labourers declared that she was working in landscaping to get the experience necessary to become a horticultural therapist.  I mean, what are the chances?  Two weeks earlier I didn’t even know it was a thing.

Or at least I thought that was the message, until I found out that the zoo isn’t planning to run the course anytime soon, and the nearest place to do it is Vancouver – only you have to go for five consecutive Fridays for each of the four modules.  Not super practical from Calgary.  After extensive research it truly seems that, whether I’m supposed to be one or not, there is no way for me to actually train as one.  So, am I back to copywriting as the message?  Because if it is, I’m feeling a little let down.

Remind me – are you supposed to listen to the universe giving you messages, or are you supposed to persevere in your dreams regardless of the obstacles?


2 thoughts on “Mixed Messages

  1. I think your dreams are messages from the universe – and you get to choose which messages you listen to!

    But I have to ask: What exactly does a horticultural therapist do? My veggie garden is the best therapy I can imagine, but I doubt if most people would describe hoeing a 3000 square foot garden in the blazing sun as “therapeutic”. An indication that therapy is required, perhaps… 😉

    1. Now that is a very good question, and I think it might be fodder for a separate post, but essentially a horticultural therapist uses horticulture as a way to stimulate cognitive, emotional and physical development, build social skills and even develop vocational skills. It just seems to me to make so much sense!

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