Somewhere in the larder I knew I had a fresh packet of ryvitas.  That’s way more important than it sounds because, what with me getting fatter and fatter by the minute, I’m trying not to eat wheat.  Ryvitas are a huge component of my diet.

Anyway, I just came home after a frustrating morning, and frankly what I really wanted was a doughnut, or a bacon sandwich, or toast and lemon curd.  Anything, really, jammed with wheat, fat and calories.  Nonetheless, I summoned up some willpower and tried to convince myself that a ryvita would do almost as well.  Except, the search for those crispy Scandinavian snacks did not go well.  Until – joy of joys! – I found a single hobnob tucked away at the back of a shelf.  Someone had obviously hidden it there and forgotten about it.  It was stale and soggy, but who cares – I was clearly meant to have it!

chocolate-hob-nobsIt’s amazing how things start to look up after a single hobnob; I even found the ryvitas.  Ironically I must have looked right past them to find the biscuit.

And now that I’ve had that morsel of sugary, chocolatey yumminess, I think I can even start to feel cheerful about the rivita.


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