35 Years of Visualisation Pays Off


That's right, I said O-MG!
That’s right, I said O-MG!

Here’s what happened … Last October I needed some photos in preparation for a trade show hubby was promoting his trees at.  So, off I went to one of his job sites with camera in hand.  Now the trees are pretty exciting (no really … I’m a bit of a tree nerd), but not as exciting as the little yellow MG the client had parked at the side of their yard.

Now I should mention here that I’ve wanted a yellow MG since I was about 15, which was, sadly, back when they were actually still making them.

So, I snapped the requisite tree pics and then concentrated my lens on this little beauty.  Why?  No reason, really … I’m just a dork and I find the sight of a little yellow MG disturbingly exciting.

That evening I showed the picture to hubby – “they’ve got my car!” I shrieked.  He put on his usual expression of mildly bemused tolerance and then feigned some admiration, but I didn’t sense the enthusiasm I was hoping for.

What I didn’t realize at the time was that he’d been trying to persuade the client to sell him that car for about six months already.  My 50th birthday had come and gone, much to his disappointment, but he kept his eye on the prize.  Until last week when the client finally decided that the car had to go, and rang him unexpectedly to offer it to him.

And now, here it is, in my garage!

Clearly, not only does the camera add 10lb, but so does the car - being so tiny and all.
Clearly, not only does the camera add 10lb, but so does the car – being so tiny and all.

It could be argued that the second picture here is slightly unnecessary, as it’s really just another picture of the same car … but it’s a little yellow MG!

In the process I’ve learned something a little interesting about myself.  You see, the car is in pretty rough shape; it doesn’t run and it needs some serious refurbishment to get it back to the pristine condition I’m imagining.  But somehow that makes it so much more exciting.  I’m not sure I would love it as much if it was this perfect, shiny thing that I could just hop into and drive right away.  Perhaps this new baby is the project I’ve been waiting for to fill my emptying nest.