What’s In a Name?

From the moment I started this blog I decided not to use real names.  It turns out that is really annoying – all this ‘my daughter’, ‘my second child’, ‘my youngest son’ – blah blah blah.  It’s unwieldy and it gets in the way of a good story.

But, despite the fact that no amount of cajoling will persuade anyone I know to read it, it does still feel really good to be able to talk about people without fear of repercussions.  How awkward if someone were to google themselves and stumble upon my ramblings about them.

So, I have come up with the brilliant solution of making some up (I know – aliases, right!  I bet the publishing industry wishes it had thought of that decades ago).  From here on in, the main cast of characters includes:

  • Roxy – child number one, a daughter aged 18
  • Sunny Jim (or SJ) – child number two, a son aged 16
  • Hoss – child number three, a son aged 13.

Oddly enough, the names do make sense.  When my daughter was about 8 she decided that she hated her unusual name because she never had anyone in her class with the same name.  Apparently Roxanne presented itself as an alternative that would be less likely to draw attention.

Sunny Jim and Hoss are the nicknames that my father, inexplicably, gave to my brothers when we were children.  So, it’s just fun to use them.

I haven’t made up a name for my husband who I will probably just refer to as hubby (a word I really despise, but it does seem to be conveniently explanatory)


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